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[closed thread]

Who: Will and Phillip
What: Phillip reports to his first fencing session ever.
Where: Fencing training room in Spira Stadium
When: Some early afternoon
Warnings: None foreseeable.. 

[Closed Thread]

Who: Aurora and Philip
What: Vision are seldom what they seem. First meeting between Aurora and Philip
Where: Powhatan
When: Some weekend
Warnings: It's Aurora and Philip. Do you think there will be any?

Who: Snow White Abendroth and Yuna Braska
What: Fresh air and exercise. 8D
When: early Saturday morning
Where: Neverland Park
Warnings: None

The big lake and beyond~Collapse )
Who: Seymour Guado and Yuna Braska
What: Seymour pays Yuna a visit to be sneaky inspect Fayth for potential adoption.
When: Saturday Evening
Where: Lemures Apartment Complex
Warnings: Creepiness? I'unno.

You want me to escort you/Oh, I'd love to go swim with you in death/but my heavy heart won't let me tread.Collapse )

[Private Thread]

Who: Gaston and Beatrix
What: Gaston finally finds the woman that messed up his house, and gives her a little payback.
When: Late night
Where: Narshe Zozo Slums
Warnings: Will be a flavour of violence in this one.

He trailed the blocks of this dingy place like a hunter about to catch a deer.Collapse )
Who: Yuna Braska and Zack Fair
What: A brief, awkward encounter at the hospital.
Where: Saint Ajora
When: Friday night [backdated one week.]
Warnings: Bloody stuff, but nothing too graphic.

School... Work... Kitty care... Mass.Collapse )

Closed Log

Who: Seymour Guado and Yuna Braska
What: Yuna goes for her first counseling session.
Where: Seymour's office in the Fabula Nova Crystallis Church
When: A Saturday afternoon.
Warnings: None.

Havn't I met you before?Collapse )

[private thread]

Who: Hercules and Ariel
What: Getting lost on campus. xD
Where: Around campus in Balamb University
When: Early afternoon
Warnings: None. x)

[closed thread]

Who: Phillip, Pocahontas
What: Big sis and little bro catch up on each other's lives ♥
Where: The Phoenix Down
When: Thursday night
Warnings: None as of yet!

She liked The Phoenix Down. It had personality.Collapse )

[Private Thread]

Who: Larxene, Yuffie
What: Ripping up the streets of China Town on Larxene's motorcycle.
Where: China Town
When: ten, tonight
Warnings: Language, maybe.


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