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Twilight City

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Final Fantasy/Disney RPG

Once upon a time in a fantasy far far away

There is one thing that societies have had in common throughout history, and that is an origin. Origin myths can vary from place to place, and whether it be from a broken egg, the back of a trout, fire and ice, or from Chaos himself, all societies carry with them an explanation for how they were created. Twilight City is no different.

In ancient times, there were many worlds, with many different people in them. Each world worked and thrived on its own, oblivious to the other worlds around it. The worlds belonged to different domains, which were divided equally among the four sons of Nature, the Winds. While the North Wind and the South Wind protected their domains and watched them flourish, the East Wind and the West Wind were not so content. The East Wind envied the West Wind's warm and docile nature, for he himself was oftentimes cold and bitter. The East Wind wished to take over some of his brother's domain, and possibly have some of this warmth for himself. The people that lived in the East Wind's domain were angry with his sharpness, their faces red and their breaths small puffs of cloud in the crisp air the East Wind brought. The West Wind, naturally, refused to relinquish any of his domain over to his brother, and so the two began to fight. The Winds clashed with each other, causing extreme upheaval within their domains. A few of the worlds they held in their control were uprooted in a gale, left to float among the Winds, forgotten in the fight.

Mother Nature saw her two sons bickering and, taking pity on the poor worlds that were caught up in the middle, had her sons carry their domains into a place neither of them could ever enter again. Because of the lack of wind, this place had balmy, perfect weather every day. It never suffered a tornado or a hurricane, and the only rain or snow it received was the pleasant kind. This place, with all its worlds swept together, is now known as Twilight City.

The trouble with an origin myth, however, is that it is just this: a myth. As the years go by, the credibility of a creation myth fades, leaving its society with a type of bedtime story. Never really believed, but there as an inherent part of the society's culture. Twilight City, with all its various inhabitants, do not believe this winding tale of winds and worlds. They go about their days without a care as to what came before, never paying mind to where each person might have come from, or how they became so different from the next. The citizens of Twilight City are blissfully ignorant of their true history, and have no desire to understand further where they have come from.

What is Twilight City?

Twilight City is a role playing game set within a contained world of one single city. Much like the various worlds in the game Kingdom Hearts, the worlds within two domains have melded into one world and have formed into a city isolated from harm and even the weather itself.

Twilight City is on a plane of existence all on its own. There is no start to the city and no end. No one really has any urge to leave the wonderful little metropolis and even if they did want to leave, they always somehow… sometimes in bizarre ways-- find themselves back in the city tucked away in their plastic little lives.

What they don’t know is that this world is not what it seems. This city is a fake and a realm created for their protection but not the existence they belong to. The people of the city belong to something greater, worlds they truly come from and have a story that has yet to be finished.

But all they know and have known is the city in the Twilight.

This game involves characters from the Final Fantasy series along with any canon Disney character ever created. It also includes Kingdom Hearts, the series that this game is based off of for its ability to combine both Final Fantasy and Disney as one.

Navigating the Twilight


Taken characters - A complete list of every character currently being played. Includes contact information to the players as well.

Reservations - Place a reserve on a character or a PB here.

Applications - Apply for a character here! Be sure to submit your application to the correct post. The application can be found underneath the lj-cuts.

Friend add console - Add all the current journals and communities to your friends list.


last_phase - The out of character community where all introduction posts, hiatus and other player contacting should happen outside of playing and logging.

twilight_city - The main community where all logs and playing should take place and be posted, also the setting of our game.

dusking - The moderator account that has all the information you will need located inside. Watch this journal for game updates.

Dusking Live - The permanent chat room for the players to talk live on AIM/AOL.

Twilight Press - A summary of all the events and updates that occur in the game.

Resources and Information

Schools, Locations, Residential areas - A list of the places within the city and short descriptions on each.

Rules and Guide - A guide to how things will be played in the game, as well as the set rules.

Frequently Asked Questions - A list of questions you might be asking yourself. Look here if you are curious about something.

PB suggestions - If you need some help on a character model browse our lists for possible models for use or add your own!

Wanted Characters - A list of characters that are requested to be played. Look here if you’re not sure who you want to play for some better ideas.

Writing Tips - A guide to common writing mistakes and how to fix them in LJ games.


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